Stochastic Modeling and Applied Research of Technology



IoT Networks
Diffusion Approximation

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Czachorski, T., Gelenbe, E., Kuaban, G. S., & Marek, D. (2020). Time Dependent Diffusion Model for Security Driven Software Defined Networks. Stochastic Modeling and Applied Research of Technology, 2, 38-56.


The Internet of Things (IoT) and its increasing volumes of traffic for new services such as video related to security, server virtualisation of the Cloud and Fog [38,8] and highly distributed data storage [22,9], create new challenges for the Internet [26,35]. Indeed, expanding IoT applications such as Health Monitoring [32], Smart Homes [3] and Smart Vehicles [18], create large volumes of intermittent traffic with stringent security, QoS and energy minimisation needs [6]. Thus network structures based on static switches are not well suited to deliver high performance, energy efficiency and reliability in such dynamically changing environments, and are not flexible enough to maintain Quality of Service (QoS) for increasingly complex networks. On the other hand, SDN [34,39] with intelligent programmable controllers can be aware of the overall state of nodes.
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