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In this work, we verify by simulation some recent theoretical results describing the dynamics of the the retrial system with coupled orbits. In such a system, retransmission rate of customers blocked in a virtual orbit depends in general on the binary state, busy or idle, of other orbits. We consider a system with N classes of customers, where an arriving customer which meets server busy, joins the corresponding orbit depending on the class of customer. The top (oldest) blocked customer makes an attempt to enter server, with class-dependent exponential time between attempts. At that the retrial rate is defined by the current states (busy or idle) of other orbits. To verify theoretical results, we simulate single-server retrial system with 3 classes of customers following independent Poisson inputs, while service times are class-dependent and have general distributions. In particular, we verify necessary and sufficient stability conditions and focus on the analysis of symmetric model. Numerical experiments con_rm theoretical analysis.

2018 September 22 - 14:00
20 min
Stochastic Modeling and Applied Research of TechnologY
1. Stochastic Modeling and Applications